Chex Quest GBA

A quick and dirty hackey fork for Chex Quest, by Jinroh of GBADoom by Doomhack.

See the original here:

Great job by him and his compatriots! I just hacked in all the Chex Quest Relevant stuff.

**Bugs:** On level 2 sometimes it will go into an infinite loop after hitting the exit switch. Have not found time to investigate too much yet (new school semester started). Until fixed, if this occurs you can, reboot, and use the level skip code and skip ahead. That works.

**What's different?**

  • - Text strings changed.
  • - Sounds updated.
  • - Disabled Episode select.
  • - Correct Monster Behavior.
  • - Barrels do not explode.
  • - Music Converted to .IT MOD format.
  • - HUD Statusbar converted.

**What is needed?**

  • - Status Bar Percent Signs Disappeared.
  • - Fix some long text strings.
  • - Add flag to flip A -> B or B -> A buttons.
  • - Animated End of Level Bootspork Chex Warrior.
  • - Flashing Green from Explosions.
  • - Maybe More?
The Chex Quest GBA source is available here.

Download the latest binary v0.9a here.