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Doin’ the Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has been a hot Nintendo property for a long time. Few people I know are as passionate about DK as Darryl. He even wrote an article in the late 90s about Donkey Kong and all his related ports. A great read if you’re unfamiliar with all the different nuances between the various ports, and the game in general. From talking with him it’s a lot deeper than it would appear on the surface.

Give it a read and go enjoy one of the various DK ports.

Hit up his website and check out some of his other work as well.

Until next time!

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great Holiday time.

We had some fun working on game stuff, and more importantly playing games. Nothing particularly exciting to post yet, but it’s coming.

If you like Power Rangers though, the legacy Dragonzord is awesome. Legacy Tigerzord is going to be released soon (here in the U.S.), and you may want to snag Dragonzord during the after Christmas sales or something. Great collectible IMO. Never had the original toy as a kid, though I wanted it. Sweet to have it now though. No electronics but that’s a small detail, since it’s show accurate.


Go snag one if it’s up your alley. :)

More progress…

Just a quick update, but got some more time to do some coding.

Bleh Bleh Bleh!” Lil’ Billy’s getting chased by one of the Living lunch monsters! Hurry Billy! Grab that pudding pack. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about these are all elements from my previous game, School Maze.)


Nearly all the elements from my previous Android adventure game and the elements from School Maze have been realized in OpenGL.

One of the next things I want to add is Netplay Code. In School Maze one of the things I wanted to do was have a Co-Op mode, but it was a pain with Flash, so I didn’t get around to adding it. That shouldn’t be a problem though with SDL_Net or WinSockets.

Things are cooking.

Not much to update, but I am working on several projects.

Working on a 3D OpenGL version of a game I originally started as a 2D tile based game on the Android. It translated pretty well to 3D and I just added a new messagebox system. Makes me reminisce the days of my youth when I first started playing with RPG Maker 2000 or whatever.


Levels are completable as of a few weeks ago so that was a nice feeling to get it back to the level of completeness of the Android version. Now that the messagebox system is finished I can start fleshing out the levels with the story prompts and such to give them a bit more polish.

Stay tuned. :)