Welcome to the about page.

Not much to say, stick around for some rad stuff. I just kinda kick it freestyle. Games, music, whatever I decide to tackle on any particular day.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is probably a long shot but I found a post from you back in 2011 where you had successfully created an editing utility for the Southpaw-based Duke Nukem Advance. I am curious if any of the code you had would be applicable to likewise hacking on the Doom II port for GBA, and if you’d be willing to share that code. I’m a long-time Doom engine hacker and game developer and I run the Doom Wiki at DoomWiki.org. We’re interested in trying to extract the maps from the game so we can have good images of them for our wiki.

    1. Sorry for the long reply. I was just looking at my HD and don’t seem to have any backups of DNAHacker.

      Though I was never able to figure out DNAs map format. Though trying DOOM 2 GBA might be easier since we know the map values more or less what they should be. I have one more backup I can check if I find I’ll let you know.

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