Laughing all the way to the Bankswitch.

Hi hi!

Carrot Kingdom is still progressing! 😀 In case you’re wondering what’s going on, things are smooth and smarmy. A few things to do before the public demo, but 90% of it is there! 😀

Bankswitching was one of the things I had never done before, (Currently it’s a 16K game) which means that it has 4, 4K banks of game code & data. HUGE right?

It really gives me some freedom to put some of the little bits and pieces of polish that I want in. In case you’re wondering about the internal workings, the banks are currently laid out like so:

  • Bank 1 – Title Screen/Maybe Dialogue Kernel or something.
  • Bank 2 – Sidescrolling Engine.
  • Bank 3 – Boss Engine.
  • Bank 4 – Scrolling Code and Level Data.

Having almost an entire 4K bank for level data gives me a lot of wiggle room to add a bunch of levels. How many? Eh…I’m not sure yet. I’m going to get to that part after the demo is all done. The demo will have a new unseen area that I can add, because of the newly freed up space. I’m happy to be able to include that little surprise in there. 😉

Here is a video of all the banks all wired together for you enjoyment. New update coming soon! 😀


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