Blast from the Past: Wolf-Pac

Many many many, moons ago back in the year 2006, I got a GBA flash cart, and started coding for the GBA. The first game I made was Wolf-Pac to honour my dad who was a Pac-Man champion back in the day.

I had forgotten about it until 2012 when I met my friend Darryl. Darryl is a huge Pac-Man enthusiast, and knew of Wolf-Pac before meeting me. He was like, “Whoa, you made that?” when he met me. That was pretty cool, though today after being reminded of it again I typed it into Youtube for whatever reason and found a longplay! Much to my surprise.

It just makes me remember how bad it is haha. It doesn’t really make use of the GBA hardware at all, because I didn’t know how to make use of the sprite or background registers yet. Everything is drawn in Mode 3 (a bitmapped mode) with software sprites and pushing pixels for every object. It uses masking to draw the sprites and only tries to clear the screen as little as possible. There are apparently some errors in this method though as you can see the player has to pause and then resume to see the dots that were inadvertently cleared.

Man, looking at is makes me think how much better I could do it now, but it’s fun to travel down and see your origins. 😀 Anyway I thought you may enjoy seeing it.

Until next time!

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