Game On Thursday – Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Hey all! Working hard on games, but gaming too. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is the first game in a while to really catch my attention.

Now granted I’ve not played a DBZ game since Budokai Tenkaichi 2, but Xenoverse IMO is nearly the perfect DBZ game. I’m a little biased, I’ve been a DBZ fan since 1996 or so, but it’s almost the game I’ve always wanted.

The best offense? Fire Ki Blasts like a Maniac!

The battle system is a bit shy of Budokai Tenkaichi, there are a few things that frustrate me like the inability to block easily after a hit. You’re then stunned for the most part and then can take a barrage of hits. Not game breaking, but annoying when you’re fighting an unrelenting AI at times. Overall the battle system is fun and frantic. It makes you feel like a badass when you charge fly and kick an opponent into a mountain or something. Then blast them with a ki attack. So fun. I did notice though there’s no Beam Battles which I can see because it’s more or less 3 v 3 most of the time, but still hoping to see it in Xenoverse 2.

The game really caters to all my childhood daydreams though, where I would imagine myself fighting alongside the Z Fighters. At times it brought a tear to my nostalgic eye because I really got sucked in, feeling I was helping make a difference for Goku and friends.

Use the Kamehameha like every character ever!

The create a character is a great addition, I love being able to play as my character, but it could use a few more options. Most of the male characters look too similar for my taste (at least for humans and Saiyans), so I ended up making my goto Female character Jinny in DBZ style. She turned out great. I’m pulling for a few more races to be added as well like the Arlians in Xenoverse 2.

Jinny Laughs in the face of Final Form Frieza!

The main game is helping Trunks fix the time line that has been screwed up allowing the bad guys to beat the Z Fighters. This mode is fun, but requires you to grind a bit with the alternative Parallel Quests, this isn’t too bad though as you get items and skills by doing the Parallel Quests. They’re also neat ‘What-if’ scenarios so it’s cool as DBZ fan to go off on those.

If I was IGN or some rating reviewer I’d have to give the game an 8/10, it’s a solid fresh experience, that is just shy of perfection. Give it a go!

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