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Game On Thursday! – Mega Man II (GB)

Originally posted on:Β 2013-06-13 00:00:00

Hey all welcome to another Game On! Thursday! Over the previous weekend I hit a “gaming milestone” of sorts at least as far as my younger self is concerned I beat of the first Gameboy game I ever got! Mega Man II for the Gameboy. As you may or may not recall Mega Man for the PC was the first Mega Man game I ever got/played (See previous Game On! Thurday)

MegamaniiboxPretty sweet box art!

Mega Man II is considered possibly the worst of the Gameboy Mega Man games, but it was the first and only one I had gotten up until much later. I picked up it up in 1996 when I got my first Gameboy which was a Gameboy pocket. I had played Mega Man II since then at a friend’s house on his NES, and really liked it despite not really liking Mega Man PC. It took me months and maybe years, or at least until Pokemon came out, to get to Wily and still as a kid I never beat it. Last weekend however, I cleared the whole game in like 30 mins, I was surprised at how my skills improved since I was 12. It was a fun and easy ride and a nice trip down memory lane.

Time to show Clash Man who’s boss!

If you’re not familiar with the Mega Man Gameboy games they are almost all (except in the case of MM5) mashups of two of the NES games. In the case of MMII, it is a mashup of Mega Man II and Mega Man III on the NES. Basically all the elements of both games are retained just 4 bosses from one and 4 from the other are present. In this particular game you have Wood Man, Clash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, Magnet Man, Hard Man, Needle Man, and Top Man. In addition you have a game specific boss, Quint, and of course Doctor Wily. The game adds the slide from Mega Man III as well as Rush Jet, Rush Marine, and Rush Coil for good measure as well.

Dr. Wily hired Salvador Dali as his interior decorator.

The levels themselves for each Robot Master are similar as well to their NES counterparts you get sub-bosses and the usual hazards from each stage, though some are remixed or abridged, though they are all pretty well done. Keiji Inafune though wasn’t too happy with the game apparently, as it was handed off to a different team than the first Mega Man Gameboy game. After Mega Man II, the same original Gameboy team did all the rest of the Gameboy Mega Man games. This one I think is a perfect introductory Mega Man game as it’s easy, straightforward, and just fun. It controls well, sounds good, and it’s a fun romp through Mega Man’s world without too much frustration that may make less experienced players throw down the Gameboy and say, “I HATE MEGA MAN!”.

I’d recommend it for your Mega Man Neophytes as it’s pretty cheap, and not hard to find a platform to play it on. You can pick it up for a couple of dollars on Amazon or Ebay.

Happy Gaming!

Images borrowed from Wikipedia and under non-profit fair use.

New Updates and New Demo Soon!

Hey all!

Sorry for not updating recently, but, things are still happening. I usually update the AtariAge post for convenience than the page here, but I figured now I may as well try and do it more often.

If you haven’t been keeping track there, new things have been added. First a better title screen, very nice. Has the carrot and things in there now.


Next, the entire engine has been update to allow for multiple colours on the levels and multiple enemies so we can get cool scenes like this where some carrot ghosts are trying to corner Jinny by a spooky tree.


Lastly Jinny’s portrait on the lives screen has been updated, so that it’s now colourful! Very nice right? Beautiful kitty girl in all her colourful glory.


All these changes will be in the next demo that’s coming soon. I just have to polish a few things up and we’ll be good to go!

Until then have fun!! :3


Beautiful new Jinny art! :3

Hey all!

Got a surprise the other day when a commission I had done of our girl, and main character of Carrot Kingdom, Jinny was finished!

Tayy aka @TayyKitsune on Twitter, (whom I commissioned) rendered Jinny’s likeness stunningly and beautifully in her fursona kitty cat girl form. πŸ˜€ So gorgeous!

I plan on having an exclusive poster or something created for Carrot Kingdom when it is ready for the VCS, in the meantime feel free to enjoy this one, I know I do. πŸ˜€


I really recommend her if you need some top notch art!

Stay tuned!

School Maze 3D

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make a School Maze game that is Wolf3D style. Finally after some doing, the “beta” version is done. The game levels are identical to the Flash version with auto generating enemy placement, item placement, etc.

You can finish it, but it just loops back to the beginning. The basis is done, and it should be quite fun when it’s finished. It is quite fun now on its own, but could use some more features to make it more fleshed out.

I’ll post more info as it is more complete.


Pokemon Adventures and Backlighting!

Of all the projects I had to get around to finally finishing, installing my Gameboy Pocket backlight was one of the ones that was top of my list for a while. I only wish I had been able to do that as a kid! I would have been stoked to play Pokemon more covertly when it was released. Back in 1998 on a family trip to the beach in Maryland, we stopped in Delaware (no sales tax!) at a Walmart shortly after Pokemon Red and Blue were released. My brother and I had been playing Mega Man II on the ONE Gameboy (really it was mine but I was good at sharing) we had in the car at the time.

Our parents thought we had been good or whatever, so we both got copies of Red and Blue just on a whim. This was really rare because we were just middle of the road as far as money went growing up. The guy behind the sales desk was telling us he had heard about this “Pokee-man” thing and it sounded cool, but he hadn’t played it yet. We happily got the games which were like I dunno $40 or $50 back then, it was rare that we got a game that wasn’t on Christmas or Birthday so it was extra cool. We even got a launch day or week whatever button for Pokemon (that I still have, great stuff) which was really cool and added the the mystique of such a new game.

Prior to the release of the games, I had gotten the Pokemon Power magazines which were, and still are, awesome. I loved those things, reading, re-reading, dreaming about all the gameplay and cool things that the game had to offer. The interesting scenarios, the pokemon to collect, it was all so new and cool at that time with the battling and traveling the large world, it was great. When we finally flicked on the Gameboy with the cool Red and Blue cartridges for the first time we were blown away it was unlike anything I had played before. I had played plenty of Western RPGs like Bard’s Tale, and such, but never played a JRPG before, so it was a novelty, and a change of pace.

Now, this brings me to why the backlight would have been handy! We had been staying at a cheap motel that night, and after we arrived and we weren’t very far into the game. We were pretty much still tooling around Veridian forest barely. When it came time for bed, we couldn’t sleep, we were still riding the Pokemon high. So we took turns playing, one of us would pretend to sleep, and the other would go into the bathroom off the to the side and play in there so our parents wouldn’t know. We rotated in 30 min shifts since we didn’t have another Gameboy and it was sweet. Needless to say having a backlit Gameboy would have made covert playing a lot easier!

Now I finally have mine backlit. It’s not the prettiest I noticed after that was installed I need to clean the screen, but it’s still perfectly playable so I’ll do that later. πŸ˜‰ is where I got my backlight from and it’s great aside from a little “dead zone” where the light doesn’t shine all that well, but it has been sitting in a box for 2 years so I chalk it up to that.

Until next time, have fun!

Blast from the Past: Wolf-Pac

Many many many, moons ago back in the year 2006, I got a GBA flash cart, and started coding for the GBA. The first game I made was Wolf-Pac to honour my dad who was a Pac-Man champion back in the day.

I had forgotten about it until 2012 when I met my friend Darryl. Darryl is a huge Pac-Man enthusiast, and knew of Wolf-Pac before meeting me. He was like, “Whoa, you made that?” when he met me. That was pretty cool, though today after being reminded of it again I typed it into Youtube for whatever reason and found a longplay! Much to my surprise.

It just makes me remember how bad it is haha. It doesn’t really make use of the GBA hardware at all, because I didn’t know how to make use of the sprite or background registers yet. Everything is drawn in Mode 3 (a bitmapped mode) with software sprites and pushing pixels for every object. It uses masking to draw the sprites and only tries to clear the screen as little as possible. There are apparently some errors in this method though as you can see the player has to pause and then resume to see the dots that were inadvertently cleared.

Man, looking at is makes me think how much better I could do it now, but it’s fun to travel down and see your origins. πŸ˜€ Anyway I thought you may enjoy seeing it.

Until next time!

Game On Thursday – Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Hey all! Working hard on games, but gaming too. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is the first game in a while to really catch my attention.

Now granted I’ve not played a DBZ game since Budokai Tenkaichi 2, but Xenoverse IMO is nearly the perfect DBZ game. I’m a little biased, I’ve been a DBZ fan since 1996 or so, but it’s almost the game I’ve always wanted.

The best offense? Fire Ki Blasts like a Maniac!

The battle system is a bit shy of Budokai Tenkaichi, there are a few things that frustrate me like the inability to block easily after a hit. You’re then stunned for the most part and then can take a barrage of hits. Not game breaking, but annoying when you’re fighting an unrelenting AI at times. Overall the battle system is fun and frantic. It makes you feel like a badass when you charge fly and kick an opponent into a mountain or something. Then blast them with a ki attack. So fun. I did notice though there’s no Beam Battles which I can see because it’s more or less 3 v 3 most of the time, but still hoping to see it in Xenoverse 2.

The game really caters to all my childhood daydreams though, where I would imagine myself fighting alongside the Z Fighters. At times it brought a tear to my nostalgic eye because I really got sucked in, feeling I was helping make a difference for Goku and friends.

Use the Kamehameha like every character ever!

The create a character is a great addition, I love being able to play as my character, but it could use a few more options. Most of the male characters look too similar for my taste (at least for humans and Saiyans), so I ended up making my goto Female character Jinny in DBZ style. She turned out great. I’m pulling for a few more races to be added as well like the Arlians in Xenoverse 2.

Jinny Laughs in the face of Final Form Frieza!

The main game is helping Trunks fix the time line that has been screwed up allowing the bad guys to beat the Z Fighters. This mode is fun, but requires you to grind a bit with the alternative Parallel Quests, this isn’t too bad though as you get items and skills by doing the Parallel Quests. They’re also neat ‘What-if’ scenarios so it’s cool as DBZ fan to go off on those.

If I was IGN or some rating reviewer I’d have to give the game an 8/10, it’s a solid fresh experience, that is just shy of perfection. Give it a go!